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Snoopy launches on Atlantic crossing [video]


He’s conquered the Red Baron and now he’s tackling the mighty Atlantic with a little help from retired NASA scientist Robin Lovelock.

Snoopy and his GPS-navigated craft set off from the English village of Barton on the Sea at 11:30 am this morning, but fierce tides soon pulled our little adventurer into Alum Bay, Isle of Wight.

You can follow Snoopy’s progress at Lovelock’s website or simply revel in the delight that are other people’s hobbies which distract us from holiday chaos of our own.

Here’s a video of the craft during testing:

And here is a little Snoopy Christmas treat:

Full story at GPS Guided Trans-Atlantic Robot Boat via Neatorama.

Hang on, Snoopy, Snoopy hang on…

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