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Sony to end Walkman production


A moment of silence, please, for the end of an era. Okay, that era really came to an end with the advent of the compact disc, but, shhhhh. Remember the days when yuppies started jogging the parks with a Walkman on their shorts? When one could finally choose their music-to-go without lugging around a boom box?

After thirty-one years of production, Sony has announced it will no longer produce the portable tape player. Over 200 million have been sold since its advent in 1979, yet interest has been waning since the 90s and the last batch was finished in April.

So long, old buddy. Does anyone know if Bananarama is even available in digital format?

Full story at Neatorama.


Does this even qualify as tech?

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  • Carmen

    yeah for sure it is an end of something…