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Souls for sale: The sinister side of social media


At times, Facebook seems so addictive it’s almost as though something more sinister is going on under the surface, and while we’re not saying Mark Zuckerberg is the Devil, the website Soul Compare created by Tom Scott may have just handed old Zuck the keys to the fiery kingdom.

As Glen Tickle at Geekosystem explained:

Soul Compare works off the Facebook Graph API and looks at how you use Facebook to determine your soul’s worth. Seems like that’s as good a metric as any to measure a soul. One thing Soul Compare looks at is how people have used Facebook’s “Like” feature. Scott had the idea for the site when he was offered a one dollar discount on something he was buying online in exchange for a Facebook “Like.”

The website measures the worth of your soul in gigaMorgan’s, one Morgan equaling the value of Piers Morgan’s soul.

Oh, and if you’re worried about your more devout Facebook friends finding out you’ve put your soul on the market, Soul Compare makes this guarantee:,/p>

We will never post anything to your Facebook timeline without your permission, and will never keep any of your personal data. We might be brokers for soul-sucking fiends from beyond time and space, but we’re not evil.

It’s a deal!

Full story at Soul Compare via Geekosystem.

Losing our religion.

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