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Space funerals let you go from dust to stardust

Why settle for the old “dust to dust” when you can go from dust to stardust?

Since the first launch of bodily remains into space in 1997 — including those of Timothy Leary and Gene Roddenberry — the industry has matured to the point of being competitive with the skyrocketing costs of traditional funerals.

Of course, not all one’s ashes are allowed into space without paying a small fortune. The typical limit is only a few grams of the between five and eight pounds of ashes a cremated body produces, yet part of one’s body in space is better than none at all to many.

Here’s a snapshot of the pricing from one company, Celestis, to get an idea of the cost:


As you can see, the farther you want to go, the higher the price, from just over the Earth to being launched into deep space one day.

What about you? Would you rather sail into the stars for eternity or stay closer to home?

Full story at Priceonomics.

Buried in space.

Graphics credit: Canva

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