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Squirrel breaks into store, steals candy

Never. Trust. A. Squirrel. Watch how sneakily this one walks into a store, only to steal a bar of candy. Cute, but sneaky.


Full story at YouTube.

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  • Gotta love those small little guys 🙂

  • It is very funny. Squirrel are very quick and it is very difficult to get a hand over it.

  • supergadfly

    My dog will make alleged criminal squirrel pay.

  • Tracy

    I so love squirrels!!! I have bottle fed many different types of baby animals (worked in an emergency vet. and did rescue)
    and the smartest of them all were the squirrels. They are awesome! I just hope the one in this video doesn’t die from chocolate poisoning.

  • gus

    Does any body know if it’s been taken to jail? We just can’t let anybody to get away with such crimes.

  • Texascitizen

    Must be kin to Hammy the Squirrel from Over The Hedge comic strip.

  • Horace Reid

    One candy a day keeps the vet away

  • count chocula

    squirrel lives matter