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Star Trek-themed resort to open in 2014


Trekkies had best save their pennies and make sure their passports are current to get a glimpse of the new Star Trek theme park to open in 2014.

A collaboration between Rubicon Group Holding, Paramount Recreation and CBS Consumer Products is bringing the Star Trek universe to life in Aqaba, Jordan for the out-of-this-world price of $1 billion, and is part of an effort to bring more of a “Live long and prosper” vibe to relations between Jordan and the US.

They’d better create strong ties because if conflict defiles the Star Trek resort, there’s gonna be hell to pay. Let’s just say the tasers are going to be set to more than “Stun,” if you know what I mean.

Full story at SF Gate via Geekologie.

Improving international relations the Star Trek way.

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