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Star Wars family tree


Can’t wait for the next episode of Star Wars to go into production?

Chart Wars consulted the Star Wars Expanded Universe to fill out the family tree of the first family of the galaxy for your referencing pleasure, though no one knows for sure at this point whether or not the next generation will make an appearance or not.

And while we were all stunned back in the day to discover that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, the question remains, who was Darth Vader’s daddy?

Full story at Chart Geek via Neatorama.

All in the family.

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  • @DrogoBoffin

    Vader doesn’t have a dad. He was created by the force. That is what made him the chosen one.

    • Oh, I know it well. Couldn’t resist the phrase “Darth Vadar daddy,” though. Call it succumbing to the dark side.

  • brandon

    i think it was pinged on once in episode one that he did have a father but it wasnt confirmed

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  • Chris Baltzer

    When Darth Plagues was able to kill someone then bring them back to life using The Force, The Force reacted by creating Anakin Skywalker to balance itself.