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Start bad habits early with the iPotty


Once upon a time, it wasn’t uncommon to find a wide variety of magazines in the bathroom to entertain one during extended sessions on the throne, but with a new generation being raised digitally, it appears even the toddler crowd needs tech for the most natural of tasks.

Enter the iPotty from CTA Digital, the gadget that guarantees junior will stay on the pot ‘til the job’s done.

Parents are meant to use the iPotty as a toilet training tool, thus it has what you’d expect from such a product (such as a removable potty bowl). An iPad stand is attached to the front and includes a plastic cover/enclosure to protect the tablet from “messy hands.” The stand conveniently adjusts to three different angles and works either in portrait or landscape. If kids find the iPad too distracting, you can remove the stand altogether, but then you just have a normal plastic toilet. Boring!

Just make sure your little one doesn’t try emptying the pot and removing the iPad at the same time. We’re pretty sure the warranty doesn’t cover a swim in the crapper.

Full story at Digital Trends.

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