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Start gettin’ busy: Best time to conceive is in the summer


You may have heard that babies born in some seasons are healthier than others, but until now, it’s been hard to prove. Oddly enough, a study performed by two economists — Princeton’s Janet Currie and Hannes Schwandt — have given the strongest evidence to date that certain months are better than others for baby-making.

May is the most unfavorable time to get pregnant, the study finds. Babies conceived this month (and thus delivered in winter) were 13% more likely to be born premature, and their gestation time was almost a week below the average, Currie and Schwandt report. Because low birth weight and prematurity have been linked to diverse health problems—weaker immune systems, poorer vision and hearing, and slower cognitive development—this variation could help explain differences later in life. The study found that for conceptions between January and May, gestation length declined by about a week before shooting back up to average length in June.

So, don’t be too worried about those honeymoon babies; they’re better off in the long run.

Full story at Science.

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