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Startup lessons from a female CEO


Surviving the entrepreneur game is hard enough without having to face the added challenges women must face. Open Forum offers eleven tips from a successful female CEO. Here are two of the tips:

Be a game-changer

Because Clark had branding experience from working in commercials and films, she was able to change the game of her industry.

“I was dangerous,” says Clark. “I was about connecting the consumer to the brands through music, and using the emotional power of music. I coined a phrase: ‘There is no better way to create loyalty than through emotion, and then there’s no better way to create emotion than through music.’ We approached brands through a marketing side. We didn’t have an agenda we were trying to sell you; we were just trying to sell your brand by creating a sound DNA and now the music footprint is everywhere: online, in stores, concerts, in webisodes, in gaming…it can touch you in any audible place.”

Have a strategy

Design and map out a plan with your team that everyone signs off on so it can just be plugged in and applied to clients and projects.

“I never had to worry about what the future of radio was or what the radio would or wouldn’t play because I had all these other non-traditional dependencies I’d mapped out,” says Clark. “My strategy and my company’s strategy have been to never be dependent on one way of doing things. I get new artists and understand there are new ways to hear them. Then you start to be able to predict what will happen in your industry.”

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