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Starving Polar Bear sneaks up on seal [video]

You may think it’s sad to see a seal get eaten, but when you see how skinny this Polar Bear is, you’ll be rooting for the bear. It’s on the brink of starvation, and this seal will only provide a week’s worth of food.

Full story at BBC.

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Photo credit: Canva 


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  • Wayne

    So I have a question. If the earth had the same amount of Ice it had 200 years ago what did the polar bears die of back then? The simple answer is almost all polar bears die from starvation back then as they do now. When a bear gets old and can not hunt like they did when they were in their prime they starve. Next think we will hear is we now have a feeding program for bears. God people are stupid.

  • too bad we cant get them to dine on the sea lions exploding in population up and down the Pacific coast

  • abraham

    Just for curiosity. The relay has to kill in order to have what to eat?

  • MattN

    Yellow journalism at its finest. Well done Josh.

  • Hardly looks like a starving polar bear. This is the way you would expect to see a healthy polar bear especially when wet.

  • too bad to see an extinction of these great animals, I love nature.

  • Hardly looks like a starving polar bear. Looks like a healthy polar bear especially when it is wet.;

  • Good Catch Dear I hope your hunting continues to Sustain you, you Beautiful Creature you!

  • Martha

    Look at the bear when he comes out of water. No fat on the rear. Looks like a older bear. But I guess we can’t ask how old he is.

  • The bear is thin because it can’t get food as easily as it could when there was a lot more ice than there is now. I know starvation; it is no fun. We need these great predators, not to mention Creator put them here the same as humans. I have prayed daily for humans to show signs of real intelligence & thinking & stop their excess birthing. So far, I see little evidence that humans are either intelligent or thinking beings, especially insofar as not having xs children. The innocents, like polar bears, suffer for the hubris of humans. What a legacy for your grandchildren. Humans are not the most important species on the planet; only the most destructive. Mitakuye oiasin – All (are) my relatives.

  • skinny polar bear vs. fat republican

  • skinny starving polar bear vs fat republican

  • It is the Circle of Life

  • It’s the Circle of Life