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States with the worst bridges

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From rural covered passes to modern engineering marvels, bridges overcome natural obstacles and expedite transportation. Yet many of the bridges that people drive on every day are in rough shape. According to one transportation group, more than one in 10 of the country’s bridges are in need of serious repair or replacement.

In many states, the situation is more dire. Nearly a quarter of the bridges in Pennsylvania are structurally deficient, according to Transportation for America, a grassroots organization advocating updated transportation infrastructure. Based on the group’s report, “The Fix We’re In For: The State of Our Nation’s Bridges 2013,” these are the states with the most dangerous bridges.

From the website 24/7 Wall St. comes a report on the states with the highest percentage of bridges considered to be “structurally deficient” as identified by Transportation for America.

Here are the top 2:

1. Pennsylvania

  • Percent of bridges structurally deficient: 24.5
  • Number of bridges structurally deficient: 5,543 (the most)
  • Average bridge age: 54 years (5th highest)
  • State gas tax: 32.3 cents (15th highest)

2. Oklahoma

  • Percent of bridges structurally deficient: 22.6
  • Number of bridges structurally deficient: 5,382 (2nd most)
  • Average bridge age: 46 years (13th highest)
  • State gas tax: 17.0 cents (5th lowest)

Check out the report for the others here: MSN Money.

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Photo credit: George Washington Bridge, spanning the Hudson River between New York City and New Jersey. New York Tower, looking west. Wiki Commons

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