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Step-by-step guide to pet massage

There’s petting your pet, and then there’s massaging your pet.

No need to book a pricey appointment or even pull out the oil. Care2 provides a step-by-step guide to giving your pet that spa experience right in your own home.


1. Find a comfortable place to massage your pet. Make sure they aren’t facing a wall or feel trapped in any way.

2. Take a few moments to relax yourself and bring your full focus to your pet.

3. Start by speaking to your pet in a soothing tone. Tell them what you’re going to do, repeat an endearing phrase or sing them a song. The words aren’t important, hearing your calm voice will help your pet to relax.

4. Most pets appreciate offering your hand to sniff before actually touching them. This gives them the opportunity to accept or refuse your approach.

5. Begin your massage at the shoulders. Starting with the top of the head or face can be perceived as a threat, even by animals who know you well…

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