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Stock up with wine stacks


If you’re tired of teeny-weeny six-packs of wine taking up room in the fridge and are just too lazy to reach for a glass, then Stacked Wines has the solution for you.

That’s right, a product of Stacked Wines, LLC, these portable, single-serve PET wine packages come with four interlocking, stackable stemless containers that are bundled in a shrink-sleeve label and uses “proprietary technology to provide up to a 14-month shelf life, a sophisticated drinking experience, and a supply chain-friendly footprint.”

Perfect to throw in the back of the fridge or cupboard, ready for an impromptu gathering without wasting space, or packing for a picnic without worrying about shattered stemware.

It might not be classy, but it sure is convenient.

Full story at Stacked Wines via Foodbeast.

Wine to go.

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