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Story Corps animation of Challenger astronaut Ronald McNair’s big dreams [video]

Though Ronald McNair, PhD reached the lofty heights of becoming NASA’s second African-American astronaut, a career that tragically ended the day the Challenger exploded in 1986, his beginnings were far more humble but no less inspiring, as his brother Carl recalled to the Corporation of Public Broadcasting’s Story Corps.

Full story at Vimeo via Kuriositas.

Great American heroes.

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  • Towanna McDowell

    Thank you for this!!! When I was in the 5th grade at Brightwood Elementary in Greensboro, NC, I remember watching the shuttle Challenger going up, and then heartbreak as the shuttle exploded in the air. I was shocked, and I cried for them – all of them. My mother called my Aunt in Titusville, FL, and asked her if she saw what happened. Of course she saw it and felt the virbrations from explosion, being so close to the Kennedy Space Center. Although no more shuttle lauches will come from Kennedy Space Center, when the shuttle did go up, my Aunt said it was like a mild earthquake in Titusville, as the windows & doors shake when lauching, so I could only imagine what it was like that Day. Thank goodness for a Hero, like Ronald E. McNair. BTW…we have a shcool named after him, right here in Greensboro, NC, and I’m so proud of that!!! We should all remember Ronald E. McNair!!! Oh yeah, can’t forget – Aggie Pride (NC A&T)!!!!