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Strange laws for the New Year


If you really want to discover the true state of a state, look no further than the laws they feel necessary to put into place, and all the skeletons that don’t make the tourist guide come tumbling out.

As ABC News found, there are some real doozies that went into effect today, so if you’ve always considered yourself a law-abiding citizen, better check these out to make sure you’re still toeing the line.

– Those who love deep fryers in North Carolina need to take into consideration that it’s a misdemeanor to steal used cooking oil, according to Torbett’s Grease Law. It’s a felony if the value of the stolen grease – or the grease plus its container – is worth more than $1,000.

– If you want to stay out of trouble in Kentucky, don’t release pigs into the wild. The state’s growing population of feral pigs has caused officials to slap a fine on any person caught releasing hogs into the wild.

Full story at ABC News via Neatorama.

Strange laws.

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