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Supervolcano rumbling under Italy

If strolling the streets of Naples is on your bucket list, scientists have some worrying news.

A supervolcano appears to be awakening under the city of Naples. When Campi Flegrei erupted 40,000 years ago, it was such an event that it is thought to have spelled doom to Neaderthals and 200,000 years ago, it caused what’s known as “volcanic winter,” darkening the planet with its ash.

The last eruption, though small, occurred in 1538, and the giant has only recently started showing activity. Scientists cannot say with any certainty whether it will blow in our lifetimes, but when 500,000 people are sitting on top of it, rumblings are cause for concern.

Full story at National Geographic.

Red hot geology.

Photo credit: By Batholith (Wikimedia Commons)Batholith (Wikipedia) – NASA, Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM-1 “30m Mesh”), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=47425528

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  • Arnold

    An italian girl made me blow like that once. Jus Sayin…

  • Tink

    They built Naples over the desecrated Pompeii. Why would anyone build on top of a city destroyed by Mt.Vesuvius volcano eruption. History tells us that it is only a matter of time before a volcano erupts again. Fools


    The Northern League may get it wish with no political fall out.

  • William

    First Comrade Trump now this, it’s shaping up to be a real nightmare!

  • Frank Sheahan

    Frist two feet of snow now this was predicted by Nostradamus time to take a trip!!!l!

  • Ric

    Doesn’t matter where you are or where cities are built when a supervalcano erupts. We may all pay with our lIves around the globe if she pops!

  • Chris

    It’s funny to watch this not-news story blundering slowly from site to site. There is no current activity which would indicate that this is more of an issue than it has been in the last few hundred years. There are a number of these things around the world and mostly they aren’t doing anything particularly interesting right now. The Campi Flegrei caldera is slightly active, but only slightly. The last major eruption, in 1538 was preceded by 70 years of major uplift and frequent quakes. So the chances are that we are at least 70 years from anything interesting happening.

  • Mithael

    That’s nice. But Campi Flegrei has already been active for the past 60 years. We could as easily be down to the last 10 years.

  • Chris Vaughn

    Well to tell you the truth we have as much chance or more, to see Yellowstone’s supervolcano go off. That event would likely wipe out much of middle of the continental US right off and kill millions more through the ashfalls and climate changes to follow. My oh my then again they could BOTH BLOW 🙂 whooeeee

  • Marc

    Just what Italy and the entire Mediterranean nations need to ruin their economy even more.

  • Chris

    MITHAEL: you seem to have overlooked the word “major” the tiny things happening right now aren’t the sort of things that happened before the 1538 eruption. Yellowstone and Long Valley are active too, but not in any way that indicates an eruption around the corner.

  • Marion Delgado

    Ads a whole new meaning to “See Naples and Die.”