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Survey says, the Staples wishlist is a winner


We know you’re out there, oh coveters of the perfect pen, those who could spend hours wandering the office supply store aisles where nary a one of the gift givers in your life know where to find you, much less pick the perfect gift, so, this year, Staples is making it easier with a wish list and a chance to win the shopping spree of your dreams. (Oh, glorious paper reams, you are but a tweet away!)

A survey of 3000 shoppers came up with some interesting fun facts about unwanted gifts that may overcome any hesitation you have about putting your gift requests up for all to see or encouraging those left on your to-buy list to do so:

Survey findings revealed that 56 percent of people polled receive at least one present they don‘t like every holiday season. These presents are worth an average of $22 each, which makes a grand total of $3.8 billion a year spent on thankless gifts!

What do people do with these gifts?

– 40 percent smile politely and then store their unwanted presents away somewhere

– 38 percent sneakily re-gift them

– 8 percent throw them straight in the trash

– 3 percent hand them back to the giver

Why not make more smiles this holiday real and enter today, because you know you’re getting one ugly sweater that a fine set of office shears could make into a lovely dog-sized outfit if you win.

Full story at Staples.

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