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Survival 203: How to make a fire when urine trouble [video]


Think of this as the elective survival class you had to take because you registered late, but lest you think the college reference means that drinking enough beer the night before makes urine flammable, we hate to disappoint you. The drinking water in Pennsylvania, maybe, but not beer or even Jager shots.


The King of Random has generously provided this instructional video for day hikers caught in a bind.

This isn’t looking good at all. What was supposed to be an easy day hike is quickly turning into a life threatening situation. You’re highest priority is to get a fire going before nightfall, but you can’t use your water bottle because all your clean water is gone. This is a challenge that’s going to require a little more creativity. You’re going to have to light this fire … with your pee.

Full story at YouTube via Laughing Squid.

Survival videos.

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