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Switch direction to tackle tough goals

The hardest goals we set for ourselves require many steps to achieve, and most of us suffer a loss of enthusiasm between the rush of beginning and the gleam of reward towards the end.

Psychologists discovered the way to both create a plan more likely to succeed and avoid those middle-step doldrums is to plan backwards, not forwards.

As explained at Inc.:

Why is working backwards so effective? The researchers speculate that thinking backwards from your end goal forces you to imagine your eventual success in greater detail and with greater clarity. That makes the goal seem both more appealing and more reachable, driving up motivation.

Or as the APS puts it, “If one starts at the end goal, the assumption is that efforts were successful to get there, while moving from the present to the future doesn’t necessarily assume success, and forces the goal setter to think through obstacles that might prevent it from happening.”

Since visualizing success is so important, why not start there?

Full story at Inc.

The final and first step toward personal achievement.

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