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10 psychological job-hunting techniques


The searching, the interviewing, the resume writing—these are all difficult challenges of job hunting. But what can be one of the most difficult? Managing your own psychology. PsyBlog article offers ten psychological tips to help you be on top of your game. For example:

Be upfront about weaknesses

Jones and Gordon (1972) tested whether damaging revelations are best made at the start or end of an interaction. They found that when someone was upfront about weaknesses, those listening liked him more than if he concealed it until the end.

It seems that we find honesty refreshing so interviewees should be upfront about their weakness.

Exactly the reverse is true for strengths. Coming out with your biggest achievements upfront is boastful; these make a better impression if left to the end, as though they had to be dragged out of you. There may also be a memory effect at work here. When you leave the interview on a high, that is the impression that the interviewers carry of you into their deliberations.

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