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The 10 worst TV cancellations [video]

We all get attached to our favorite TV shows. Over the course of a few seasons that we feel we actually know the characters. So when a show is canceled, it feels like we’re losing friends. These ten cancellations tugged on our collective heartstrings something fierce, like Aaron Sorkin’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Are there any that you think should be on the list?

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  • SJ

    Deadwood was one of my all time favourite tv shows & gutted when it ended early!

  • jpb

    Meh, Dollhouse? Not so much. To me, it just came across as bad male fantasy. I agree about Studio 60. It was just getting good when they killed it. SportsNight, from Sorkin was even better and shows up on my lists of cancellations that happened way to early.

    Journeyman suffered from having the same guy who played uber macho character on Rome, showing up as kind of a mushy, romantic guy in this show. .

    Firefly, definitely #1 on this list, no argument there.

  • reed

    These were all excellent choices. One of my favorite shows that was cancelled too quickly was “Lie to Me”. “Firefly” was the best show on TV, and I miss it. Unfortunately, the network killed it with its scheduling and lack of support. They deserved better.

  • Kris

    Sports Night was “laugh out loud” funny every week. At least they got to plan the ending and resolve things. Sometimes I just don’t get how some shows are allowed to air for awhile before finding their audience and others are just killed too early. As I remember, Cheers had horrible ratings for a couple of years before becoming a hit and then being allowed to stay on the air long after it should have been cancelled. Why wouldn’t something like Firefly get that opportunity? Arrested Development anyone?

  • Firefly, definitely. I do also agree with Dollhouse, but at least they got more than one season. I also agree on Mind Games and Journeyman. As a sci-fi fanatic, I’d add two others that were brand new: Almost Human and Believe.

  • One of the most disappointing cancellations for me was Rubicon, it had such potential.

  • i was upset by the abrupt end of Caprica — which was just getting really into its own mythology when it was cancelled . in addition, agree about Pushing Daisies, Firefly (of course), Studio 60 and someone mentioned Sports Night, which i loved actually, i have yet to really like a show in recent years that *wasn’t* cancelled too soon probably because i love show with real “quirk and depth”