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The 5 best 50 Shades of Grey parodies: A video roundup


The steamy “mommy porn” novel gets special treatment on Saturday Night Live, from Disney star Selena Gomez, and even from comedian Gilbert Gottfried

Fifty Shades of Grey, the nation-sweeping erotic novel that’s notable for being so popular among adult women that it has been dubbed “mommy porn,” seems prime fodder for mocking. And the internet hasn’t disappointed. Recently, parodies of 50 Shades of Grey — which chronicles the steamy sexual awakening of a virginal post-grad who falls for a kinky older businessman — have cropped up featuring the talents of Disney starlet Selena Gomez, Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart, and, of course, the cast of Saturday Night Live. Here’s a look at the five best:

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Photo: Screenshot/Funny or Die

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