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The art of creating irresistible content like @Buffer, @Helpscout, @Invision, and @feedly

One of the most challenge questions for writers and for content marketers is deceivingly the most simple: How do you decide what kind of content to create? Luckily, our friends over at feedly got the scoop from three heavy hitting content creators: Buffer, Help Scout and Invision.
Spills Gregory Ciotti from Helpscout:

I never really had a great fresh opinion on support by just browsing what’s already out there. It’s almost always better when someone just tells you, hey, I’m having a really hard time writing support updates for my team. What do those look like. What kind of supporting from my team Help Scout should I share? What kind of reporting numbers should I share? Maybe I won’t know at the time, but I could go ask someone else. I could go approach someone else and figure that out and then go from there.

Full story at feedly’s blog.

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