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The art of the repeat tweet

Tweets linking to the posts at Holy Kaw are repeated four times, eight hours apart. Many people have asked me about this practice—and seldom in a unemotional way. ­čÖé The reason that I do this is that few people monitor Twitter all day, so if one tweets something once, people are highly unlikely to see it if they aren’t constantly online or follow very few people.

I picked eight hours because this means that even if the first tweet goes out at the worst times for traffic, one of the repeats will hit the best times (7:00 am to 10:00 am Pacific or 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm Pacific). For example, a first tweet at 3:00 am Pacific then hits 11:00 am Pacific and 7:00 pm Pacific.


This is a typical example of repeat tweets results (click on the image to see it full size):

First post: 739 clicks

Second post: 718 clicks

Third post: 565 clicks

If I follow common wisdom, I would have tweeted it once and lost 1,200 clicks—that’s the bottom line. Having said this, if you hate the repeat tweets because you are online a lot (could the problem be that you’re on Twitter too much and not that I repeat tweets?) or you don’t follow a lot of people, I have several solutions for you:

1. Follow @alltop. I made it so that this Twitter account now displays Holy Kaw tweets only once. If this is what you want, unfollow @guykawasaki and follow @alltop.

2. Subscribe to the Holy Kaw RSS feed.

3. Go to my Tweetmeme page. This aggregates my most popular tweets.

4. Skip the middleman. Go to my MyAlltop page and look at the sources that I use to find stories for Holy Kaw.

If none of these make you happy, you should UFM and have a happy rest of your life.

The service that I use for repeat tweets is Objective Marketer (disclosure: I am an advisor). Objective enables me to use this automatic algorithm: Check the Holy Kaw RSS feed every hour, tweet at most two articles, tweet them a total of three times at eight hour intervals.

Much, much more about Twitter.

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