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The art of turning “likes” into purchases


I recently came across a Nielsen report on social media that has a few illuminating statistics about online engagement and shopping. It turns out that Americans spend three times as much time on social media as on e-mail. Specifically, they report that Americans spend 7.6% of their time on traditional e-mail and 23% on social networks. In addition, more than 70% of social network users shop online, about 12% more than the average adult. And these social network users are 47% more likely to be heavy spenders on clothing, shoes and accessories. Wow.

Working closely with several large brands and retailers, I have been advocating for a while now the use of social product promotion as a way to bridge the chasm from “liking” to purchase, and these statistics just underline the reasons why brands need to evoke strong product strategies in social.

Full story at SmartBrief Social Media.

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  • CharlesMcCool

    Interesting. I am surprised at the corporate accounts on Twitter and Facebook that are outdated, not updated, or just plain boring. Attention businesses, you are losing online $$$$.