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The benefits of a walking meeting [video]

Nilofer Merchant, Silicon Valley author and speaker, explains the benefits of a holding a meeting by walking with someone. Steve Jobs used this technique all the time–not that this alone will make you into a Steve Jobs.

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  • I've been trying "walking meetings" since November last year. Not easy in the colder UK climate – but it's a lot more fun than being stuck in a meeting room!

    I blogged about my experiences – "Why Taking Your Meetings Outdoors Can Help You Be More Creative" http://tubb.co/11wVwzJ

    Thanks for sharing this video +Guy Kawasaki!

  • When I worked in community mental health I found that "walking meetings" added a sense of informality to the interactions with my clients that often assisted in our communoications.

  • yes walking and talking is great

  • Unfortunately, I work in Houston. If we conducted an outside walking meeting in the summer, we'd all be hot, wet, sweatbags by the time we got back.

  • Aristotle first developed this 2000+ years ago.

  • Try out this phrase next time someone asks you for a decision: "I'll have to walk on that and get back to you."

  • +Guy Kawasaki¬†Great idea !!!

  • Nothing new here.

  • Wow, I can get on stage at TED simply by talking about something I learned watching The West Wing?!

  • +1 if you thought this was Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs for half a second.

  • I think it is one of the shortest TED talk. But topic is worth.
    Walk the talk.