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The best part of waking up is R2-D2 making a cup [video]


Stop the presses, drop everything and get yourself over to Instructables where iminthebathroom has posted how to create an R2-D2 “Dark Roast Edition” coffee maker of your very own. It may take a while to dig up all the parts, so don’t plan on whipping it out at the last minute.

Iminthebathroom explains his twisted motivation for the project as follows:

In my world, Darth Vader doesn’t go all soft in the end. Instead of taking off Luke Skywalkers hand he takes off his head, the rebel alliance is quashed, ewoks are served up crispy fried on a stick and Darth takes R2D2 as his trophy trinket, turning him into his morning caffeine delivery device. AKA R2D2 Dark Roast Edition.

*Insert evil laugh here.*

Full story at Instructables via Technabob.

Who would have thought the Force was caffeine?

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  • Anonymous

    This is great! This would be a great addition to a retro/space age house!