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The best places to view tonight’s meteor shower [map]

Trying to figure out whether or not you should start brewing a pot of coffee in anticipation of tonight’s big meteor shower?

If you still have faith in weather predictions, this map from Accuweather is just the thing to help you decide, though there are swaths of the country where there’s no definitive answer as to weather (ha  ha) or not conditions will be clear.

Those in California, the Great Lakes region and the Southeast appear to be in good shape to see the Camelopardalids, and should look in the direction of the North Star for the best show.

Oh, don’t forget to tune your radio, too!

Full story at Accuweather.

Don’t miss the show!

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  • Scott

    Here in Colorado in the very center of state have partly cloudy skies (11:44pm) right now at 8,700 feet elevation. Have go pro ready and hope I can get at least part of the show.

  • Kenny

    Im in Houma Louisiana .. I saw 11 total – 2 that were really nice a bright ….It was hard cause i do live have a lot of light block it out

  • Thanks so much for the comments! Stayed up until three, but clouds rolled in at quarter of two and didn’t pass until sometime after three. So happy somebody saw them!
    Would love to find out if the radio thing worked for anybody. I tried but wasn’t sure it was working or not, to be honest.

  • Rosemary

    North Carolina got a show.. i was laying outside and saw a few! It was cool!

  • Deb

    I only saw 1 here in NE Georgia!

  • Cathy

    Only saw 1 from Lenoir City,Tn.

  • mikie fisher

    Too much light reflection thanks to the mall and the humidity. If I wake up again in the middle of the night tonight, I may wander outside…