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The brand and media power shift (and what it means for you)


Fifteen years ago, if you were looking for a car, your first stop may have been the right-bottom corner of the grocery store newsstand. You’d scan Car and Driver, Luxury Auto and a slew of publications offering vehicle reviews and advice. Then you would visit dealerships with little to no information about your desired make, model or payment plan. You had no cohesive way to compare the prices and features of your final choices, or hear the opinions of current customers. After a few weeks of research, you’d make your decision, hand over the money, grab the keys and drive away.

In the age of the social customer, where the average shopper consumes 10.4 sources of information before handing over their money, this buying process has changed radically. Social media, search technology and tools for publishing content on the Web are giving brands the ability to bypass the press and bring their message directly to customers. No need for Ford to wait for the Fiesta model to be featured on the cover of Car and Driver. With more than 1 million fans on Facebook, 150,000 followers on Twitter and multiple Web properties, Ford can get the word out themselves.

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