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The cities that air conditioning built


While there are no doubt people who really don’t feel comfortable if the temperature isn’t topping ninety in the shade, it’s a tad hard to swallow the assertion “I love the heat!” to explain living in an air-conditioned oasis like Phoenix.

As Tyler Falk at The Atlantic explains, air conditioning was originally intended for factories and processing facilities rather than the physical comfort of personal dwellings. If the numbers have anything to say about it, the boom of certain southern cities in the U.S. appear to have everything to do with the introduction of this technology.

Of course, the U.S. isn’t alone in this trend, as some of the fastest-growing cities in the rest of the world are also some of the hottest temperature-wise, and having air-conditioning is a perk the growing middle classes are adopting as fast as possible.

6. San Antonio, TX

Population increase from 1940-2010: 572%

5. Las Vegas, NV

City population increase from 1940-2010: 6,831%

4. Orlando, FL

City population increase from 1940-2010: 549%

Full story at The Atlantic .

The effect of tech.

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