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The do’s and don’ts of running effective meetings

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As a manager or team leader, one great way of keeping employees happy is running a smooth, efficient meeting with purpose that sets clear goals a great team can accomplish.

This list of things to strive for and things to avoid is only one part of a great article at Harvard Business Review by Amy Gallo, which sets the perfect tone for starting 2014 off right.


– Make the meeting purpose clear and send an agenda out ahead of time
– Talk to anyone who might monopolize meeting time before you get in the room and ask him to keep comments to a minimum
– Send out a follow-up email after the meeting that lists next steps, who’s responsible for them, and when they’ll get done


– Feel obliged to invite lots of people — only include those who are critical to making progress
– Move on to a new topic until everyone feels they’ve been heard
– Let the group get distracted by tangents — ask if you can address unrelated topics another time

Full story at Harvard Business Review via Lifehacker.

Tips for great management.

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