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The dos and don’ts of weight loss from the experts


Take a look at the parking lot of any fitness facility in January and it’s easy to tell what made many a New Year’s resolution list, and though we often look for the one magic formula to finally get us down to the weight of our dreams, the key to success is behavioral changes that mean maintaining a healthy weight for a lifetime rather than the length of that discounted gym membership or diet plan subscription.

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect,” and dieting is no different than playing the piano, according to Dr. Jessica Bartlett of Loyola University Health System and the folks at the National Weight Control Registry. Here’s a small sampling of their advice on how to tackle this year’s resolution right and make room for other goals in 2014.

What to do:

• Eat breakfast – “Eating within one hour of awakening can boost your metabolism up to 20 percent for the rest of the day,” Bartfield said. Seventy-eight percent of NWCR members start the day off with breakfast. “Eating something is better than eating nothing, but ideally try to incorporate protein for longer-lasting fuel.”

What to avoid:

• Overestimate amount of physical activity -“Park your car farther away, take the stairs, manually change TV channels – these are all simple ways to get more physical activity and you need to write them down as they are performed to keep yourself honest,” Bartfield said. “Also wearing a pedometer can help accurately document and track your progress.”

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Getting healthy in 2013.

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