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The Dude as Zen master


What it comes to cool, no creed can beat the cred of Buddhism, especially now that the essence of Zen has been tied to The Big Lebowski.

Jeff Bridges and Zen Master Bernie Glassman have teamed up to present Zen Buddhism to a whole new audience by tying the cult hit’s hero to the practice in The Dude and the Zen Master.

No matter what happens, Bridges explains, the Dude is there, getting upset and then quickly adjusting with good humor and natural kindness. He shows up and in Zen that is what really matters. Just showing up. That’s because being present for whatever appears without pushing it away or demanding it be different is the only way we can act with real freedom. As Glassman writes, “Trillions of years of DNA — the flow of the entire Universe — all lead up to this moment. … So what do you do? You just do.” You remain curious, open and aware even as you act.

What more can we say but “Dude, that’s deep”?

Full story at NPR.

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