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The Easter bilby, an idea whose time has come


If something about bunnies gives you the creeps and you have also have a soft spot for endangered species, next year, skip the chocolate bunnies and go for a chocolate bilby.

Feral cats and rabbits have contributed to the precipitous decline of this once common marsupial, known for digging spiral tunnels with its sharp claws to escape predators. The push in Australia to go native for the Easter holiday is part of campaign to save these, um, cute little creatures.

Picture it: It makes so much more sense for a nocturnal creature to bring Easter treats and especially one with a built-in pocket, whereas a rabbit just comes with a twitchy nose and nervous temperament. Think of the convenience of a mid-year threat equivalent of coal in the stocking, but instead it’s the fear of a midnight visit from a sharp-clawed bilby who knows if you’ve been naughty or nice. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Next year, chocolate bilbies all around!

Full story at Buzzfeed.

Save the animals.

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