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The engineering eyesore that saved a town


The villagers of Fudai, Japan were outraged when their mayor in the 1970s, Kotaku Wamura, built an enormous wall around the town to protect it from tsunamis, but today, they’re visiting his grave in thanks.

After seeing the horrific damage of the tsunami that struck in 1933, the mayor decided to stick to his guns and buck public opinion to erect a 51-foot-high, 673-foot-wide wall around Fudai, which was actually breached during the March tsunami yet managed to break the full force of the massive wave.

Appropriately, the mayor’s final words upon retiring were, “”even if you encounter opposition, have conviction and finish what you start. In the end, people will understand.”

Full story at Seattle PI via Gizmodo.

Man vs. nature.

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  • Anonymous

    (http://allaboutlovensex.blogspot.com) the village chief built this ugly thing in the face of opposition many years ago, it was good leadership and foresight that saved this village from the recent disaster