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The flying car one step closer to hitting the highway


If you’ve ever dreamed of being able to simply fly over that parking lot posing as a highway after work, the most recent victory scored by Terrafugia, Inc. will brighten your commute today if not yet ease it.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has granted the special exemptions necessary to put the company’s “roadable aircraft,” the Transition, one step closer to becoming a reality for consumers. The use of plastic windows that wouldn’t break in flight as automotive safety glass could and tires fit for both highway speed and the rigors of landing were the two major points given the thumbs up, and the first model should be delivered in late 2012 rather than the original date of later this year.

That delay just leaves more time to get those “So long, suckers!” bumper stickers ready for the release.

Full story at Wall Street Journal via Neatorama.

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  • Linda

    This is an interesting car, when tired of driving on the ground just spread the wings an fly!!!