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The future of white meat crawling in a cage near you


They might not taste like chicken, but throw on some bacon-flavoring and Sriracha and we’re betting they’d sell; the future of white meat is upon us and, boy, is it squirmy.

A study in the most recent edition of PLoS ONE made the case for replacing animal protein with this far more environmentally-friendly alternative that usually finds itself in the pet bowl. As Scientific American’s Katherine Harmon points out, lobster was also once considered absolutely off-limits to eat as well, and today, those little crawling critters can even boast their own restaurant chain.

“Since the population of our planet keeps growing, and the amount of land on this earth is limited, a more efficient, and more sustainable system of food production is needed,” [Dennis] Oonincx [of Wageningen University] said in a prepared statement. “Now, for the first time, it has been shown that mealworms, and possibly other edible insects, can aid in achieving such a system.”

Which is all well and good, but we’re really hoping they take us up on that bacon idea. Ooooh, or ranch!

Full story at PLoS ONE via Scientific American.

Salt it, fry it, call it food.

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