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The guide to taking on big brand’s best social media ideas – Part 1: Get to know your brand


Many professionals get jazzed up after reading a social media article, but the excitement and strategy escape as soon as the page is minimized and they move on to the next enticing link in their Twitter feed. I see it all too often: a quick high followed by complete memory loss on what they have just read. How can you put these tidbits of social media advice to work in the real world?

Yes, your brand is interesting. Now keep them interested. Content marketing isn’t just for the Fortune 500. Effective social media isn’t reserved for the companies with 20-plus staffers in their communications department. But your social strategy isn’t going to be served to you on a silver platter. Social media is fun to talk about, tough to implement and an even bigger challenge for companies to be creative and stay consistent. If you don’t change your actions, you are destined to get the same results.

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