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The history of Comic Sans [video]

The Twittosphere has everyone buzzing about Comic Sans after Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert opted for the controversial font in an open letter to Cavs fans about LeBron James’ departure. Petitions are circulating in an effort to ban the playful letters and folks who don’t give two hoots about basketball are chiming in to bash (or praise) Gilbert’s letter based not on the content, but rather just the font.

Love it or hate, Comic Sans has place in the font hall of fame, but do you know where it originated? Learn a little something that may or may not change your view on the world’s most hated font with this “History of Comic Sans” talk presented at the 2009 ROFLThing NYC.

One more Comic Sans-related clip to suit your font-bashing fancy, Hitler freaking out about Comic Sans:

Via YouTube. H/T to @AlynAlyxWest

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