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The Ikea Effect: what you make is good

NPR discusses the “Ikea Effect” where people believe that the fruit of their labor is good. This must apply to books too!


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  • I would kill for this livingroom!!!  We have way too many books and not enough bookshelves.

  • nice room, still not enough shelves for my books… they have some crazy setups for bookshelves at ikea though, actually have to stop myself from buying because i keep changing my mind.

  • I don't like the build quality of most furniture.

  • I know that it gives me pleasure to have a calculator on my phone that behaves exactly the way I want, because I built it myself.

    I dislike upper class anti-IKEA snobbery, though, which is implicit in the article.

  • Really interesting story. It reminds me that I should get outsiders opinions more on my design work before I decide to gloat.

  • Wish my house looked that good.

  • Also applies to children.

  • Also applies to children.

  • You have books??? printed on paper???LUDDITE!!!!, (hee hee, so am I)

  • You have books??? printed on paper???LUDDITE!!!!, (hee hee, so am I)

  • pretty

  • pretty

  • wow

  • I love this–both Ikea and DIY stuff and the conversation about the Ikea effect. There is some truth that investing ourselves and our time into a project makes us love the project.

  • Intuitively this makes sense. I wonder if this explains the success of my employer. We ask customers to build systems from component products. We also offer turn-key solutions, but this is a relatively small part of our business.

  • Keep it minimal. Get an e reader or tablet. Use your walls for a Wifi NAS and you'll be good to go.

  • Great,well organized…..cool

  • Ok I want a room like this.

  • I like some of Ikea's designs but quite a lot of their stuff isn't really quality for the price (here in Malaysia) and just screwing furniture together is not "really" DIY. I like to DIY some stuff but it is usually to recycle something that would be wasted if thrown out. Doesn't make me proud to spend quite a bit of time and end up with something less nice than ready built items YMMV 🙂

  • James Woo, it's nice if you're "handy", as my father was, he had all the tools to repair a vast array of things, he even had an arc welder. I'm not that way, there some things I can do, I've always done most of the repair work on my cars, I can install and repair drywall, and I can do electrical wiring. On the other hand, my plumbing work always leaks, I have tried and failed at carpentry many times..

  • A small room can look so good.

  • Hi +Ronald Woodhouse thanks for adding to the conversation. Your DIY skills are far ahead of mine. Just the other day, I replaced 2 wall sockets & that took several hours (with a some ***words thrown in) because the darn wires was a bit too short.  Some people can make really nice furniture, sadly I'm not one of them 🙂