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The Oscars drinking game


What big television event would be complete without its own drinking game? Just in case you haven’t yet settled on a way to properly celebrate Sunday night’s award-a-thon, here a few suggestions for creating your own Oscar buzz from the folks at Buzzfeed (no pun intended…I think).

If someone asks “Who are you wearing?” 1 Drink

If someone brings their parent as a date. 2 Drinks

Joke about amputation in reference to “127 Hours.” 1 Drink

Joke about Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook. 1 Drink

Political acceptance speech… 1 Drink

If someone gets bleeped or otherwise censored by the time delay. 1 Drink per bleep/censor

If someone starts crying during their acceptance speech. Waterfall

More suggestions at Buzzfeed.

Toasting the movies.

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