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The progress of mobile business intelligence [infographic]

(Click on the infographic below to learn more.)

Via Column Five for Domo

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  • Anonymous

    This is a really interesting infographic, and there’s a lot of great data about the desire companies have to make their data more accessible to a mobile workforce. Yes, 80% of companies want to bring business intelligence to the mobile computing platform. And yes, 73% of the workforce may be mobile by 2013. But 100% of BI deployments will fail without the know-how to transform enterprise data into action.

    It’s great that mobile BI can drive increased employee engagement and faster decision making, but how many of those employees and executives really understand what to do with the data they see on their mobile phone or iPad?

    This is the biggest gating factor in BI deployment, and the biggest hindrance to successful BI ROI. Companies have the money to spend on BI, the willingness to spend it, and legions of technology purveyors pitching them on “world-class” enterprise solutions. But they just don’t have the people to analyze and understand the data, and determine what should actually be DONE based on the data.

    Jim Rembach