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The self-taught tech teacher who built a computer lab for free [video]


All schools are not created equally, especially in terms of available technology, but sixth-grade teacher turned tech-on-the-cheap guru Robert Litt says from experience that where there’s the drive there are resources to be had.

Robert advocates open-source software even for schools that aren’t lacking technology. US government reports say the digital divide is shrinking, at least in schools—97% of teachers have at least a single computer in the classroom. Yet that’s not the whole story. “The digital divide is growing in a hidden statistic,” Robert says, “the actual teaching of technology in a meaningful way.” He shows students how to do math on spreadsheets, how to make simple websites, how to put together slide presentations, all on free software. These are the computer skills that, students tell him, they are later expected simply to know. And with the prevalence of recycled computers, there’s no need for even 3% of classrooms to be without computers.

Full story at ifixit.org via Boing Boing.

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