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The terrifying tally of what TSA found in 2012


Scanning almost two million passengers a day is bound to result in plenty of stories to take home for the telling, and though TSA is second only to the IRS when it comes to government departments we love to hate, their report on some of more terrifying finds of last year makes our stockinged selves glad they were there.

Here’s just a sample:


– A Portland (PDX) passenger put a pistol in potted plant, presumably in an effort to sneak it past us.

– A passenger at Providence TF Green Airport (PVD) had a disassembled gun and ammunition concealed in three stuffed animals…

Other explosives:

– A live 40mm high explosive grenade was discovered at Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW).

– A bottle wrapped in black electrical tape and filled with flash powder, and three M-80 fireworks was discovered at Philadelphia (PHL).

– A black powder flask filled with 5oz. of black powder was discovered at Syracuse (SYR)…

Other fun stuff that doesn’t belong on a plane:

– Bear mace

– Spear gun

– A grenade full of marijuana

Full story at TSA Blog.

The stranger side of governing.

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