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The top 50 social media power users of 2013

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Using a tool called Peek Analytics, Forbes figured out which social media power users had the most pull, meaning they both have a lot of followers and also interact with them. Some patterns for the top users:

#1. Leaders are more motivational.  We are seeing a lot more inspirational messaging via Twitter from this group than we did last year – almost as if social media is relegated (or elevated depending on your taste) to motivational relationships. This is becoming an essential part of being a social media leader.

#2. It is more gender balanced. The Top 10 this year is equally divided between men and women. Last year it was skewed towards men.

And you’re probably wondering who the top few are:

# 1. Sean Gardner. Sean, who also writes at Huffington Post, comes in at number 1. Sean blends social media insight with inspirational messaging, a trend we’re seeing across social. @2morrowknight.

#2. Ann Tran. Number 1 on the women’s list, Ann writes primarily about social media in the travel and hospitality vertical @anntran_

#3. Jessica Northey. It’s a trend this year, leading influencers whose base is in a specific vertical. For Jessica it is music. She also says she’s moving away from blogging towards Google +. @jessicanorthey.

Full story at Forbes.

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  • The only reason why these guys are the top social media power users is that, they are the early adopters of the Twitter, they got this huge opportunity 🙂