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The truth will set your fee

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  • Hi Guy!

  • Only 40%?

  • Gd nite my friend guy how ru

  • It is sad that Livestrong, an organization that helps others, has to suffer because it's founder is a jerk.  I wouldn't make fun of Livestrong's plight.  Remember what their mission is.

  • Yeah, I thought the same…  40% only?

  • Dumpster worthy.

  • Lance has never been a jerk and it's sad to see people go from one extreme to the next because of crowd mentality. I hope I can get some good deals on the livestrong brand though…

  • Never went from one extreme to the other. I always thought he strayed the line. Yep, I and many others were right.

  • Lolz

  • I wonder if it is really 40% off or if they just say it is.

  • Only 40% off?

  • My kid is still crazy about her Livestrong gear, I think because it's her basketball team's colors. I feel like a bad parent every time she wears it.

  • *(((((   No thank you not even at 100% off—give free to the needy but take the name off!!

  • Obama should try it.

  • Way to hijack a post, D-bag.

  • +Ivor O'Connor  I've met Lance many times in Austin.  He's a jerk.

  • Not free, +Guy Kawasaki, but heavily discounted!

  • Who wants to wear that anyways?
     No because Livestrong but anything related to Lance is tainted

  • "The truth will set you heavily discounted…." hm… it does have a certain ring to it..

  • Should read LIVESTRUNGOUT

  • 才六折,不给力啊

  • +Debbie Elicksen Looks like an additional 40% off the already marked down price…A great deal for those that still believe that this was a witch hunt!

  • As a cancer advocate and survivor, I appreciate the fine work that the people at the Livestrong foundation do. Their founder is something of a disappointment. It's good to separate the two, if you can.
    The lesson here is that heroes fall, and sport is a bad place to seek them.

  • +Don Cue I am sure that you are not a cancer advocate, but a cancer treatment or survivor advocate.
    Understanding that cancer is a horrible disease, having lost a friend and have two family members that can be counted amongst the survivors. I cannot separate the foundation from the person. It was his gig, his shtick so to say. He used tools of coercion and deceit to build all of it. It took money away from other, possibly more deserving, non-profits in the cancer survivor realm.
    Corporations, including many non-profits, have gotten to where everything is a market and Livestrong has exploited this market to its' fullest extent. It was a money making machine, with their CEO being paid $354,000 in 2011 as overall contributions were decreasing.
    Sorry, but I just cannot separate the two. Both Livestrong and Lance Armstrong are built on hoaxes. The folks who provide low-cost/no-cost housing to cancer patients taking treatments at VCU's Massey Cancer Center, the Hospital Hospitality House (hhhrichmond.org), are certainly not and, man, could they use the money!

  • Who cares
    People care about stupidest things.

  • Joe

    Livestrong raises money to fight cancer you idiots. Forget about Lance.