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The two career paths of a corporate social strategist

Our social media marketing is growing up so fast! And as the young industry matures, corporate social strategists face two career paths, says Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang, who released a new 27-page report that looks at “The Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist.” The report, which surveyed over 140 professionals, finds that strategists can either:

  1. Fall behind in requests from vocal customers and internal business units and become reactive—which Owyang calls the “Social Media Help Desk.”
  2. Develop a proactive program that gets ahead of the demands and operate from a strategic planning position.

Most threatening to a proactive program are six main challenges:

  1. Resistance from internal culture
  2. Measuring ROI
  3. Lack of resources
  4. An ever-changing technology space
  5. Resentment and envy of the role
  6. A looming increase in business demands

See the report, which is part of open research funded by Altimeter, below:

Full story at Web Strategist.

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