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The undead rise to challenge Texas’ voter purge


Though at first glance, you might suspect there’s a rash of illegal zombies trying to swing Texas elections through intimidation and fraud at the polls, but that’s not what smells rotten in the Lone Star state.

As explained by Lowering the Bar:

According to Businessweek, a Texas judge has granted an injunction at least temporarily halting officials’ plans to purge 77,000 “presumably dead voters” from the rolls, finding (this is my interpretation, anyway) that the four plaintiffs had successfully rebutted that presumption by being alive. The Texas Secretary of State tried to identify dead voters (or former voters) by cross-referencing the state’s lists with the U.S. Social Security Administration’s master death list. (This is a list of people who have already died, not the President’s list of people he’s thinking about killing.) At least one county registrar (Don Sumners of Harris County) refused to comply with instructions to delete thousands of names, based on his belief that the Social Security database is unreliable and/or that other mistakes were made.

Time to add checking to see if your alive to the long list of things to do to make sure you can vote this November.

Full story at Lowering the Bar via Breakfast Link.

Governing the undead.

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