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“The Walking Dead” Converse high-tops

Zombies know their fashion and so they certainly wouldn’t be caught undead in anything but the coolest kicks. Enter The Walking Dead-themed Converse Chuck Taylor Allstars from the imaginative folks at Tauntr. Still have your brain fully intact? The stylin’ shoes also provide excellent traction when attempting to outrun crazed zombie folk.

Tantur also whipped up Breaking Bad and Dexter-themed high-tops for all you meth dealers and serial killers.

Update: You can now score these awesome designs on Tauntr for $85.

Via Tauntr.

Less bloodied fashion.

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  • İbrahim KIRKAN

    I want Walking dead version but i can’t find in turkey :S

    • Tim

      They only sell cheap sh*t designs… why they have this shoe shown for the walking dead I don’t know, you cannot actually buy the above shoe. It might as well be concept art… why don’t you actually show pictures of the designs available?

      • Alisha

        I know y maby go to the actual shop you *****

    • dom

      they sell a similarr one on the ave venice

  • jacky

    wow i want these

  • A so I live in san jose where do you think I can get these at anyone no ?

  • britnee

    i clicked on the website and it says that they don’t sell them anymore… 🙁

  • cheeeey

    I finally find these shoes and you can’t even buy them!! Way to trick people ..

  • Laurel

    damned expensive, doesnt converse make enough money they cant make them a little cheaper

  • hellena

    Anyone know where I can buy these? I have been searching all over!

  • Emily

    Here can you buy these sneakers??!!??? I want them so bad!

  • rizal

    Were can I find it I malaysia. ?

  • April

    I love them so much that I am going to look at the walking dead